Family Tree Legends

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Construct your own personalized family tree and collect amazing details about your genealogy with ease

If you are very much fascinated by your ancestors and wish to find out more details about them, then the best way to go about it would be build your own family tree and map the relevant details against each family member. Having a family tree not only offers any easy way to study your ancestry, but it also acts as a single source of information for a person to find out everything that he or she needs to know about your family. Family Tree Legends is a piece of software which has been explicitly developed to capture the family tree information of individuals and display them in an easy to understand chart format. With the help of this software, you will be adding thousands of members to your family tree in absolutely no time at all. At the core of this program, there is a very advanced ‘Smart Matching Technology’ that matches a particular individual’s family tree against the family trees of millions of other users in order to find any patterns of similarities. This would greatly help in narrowing down the choices and offer accurate results as to who your ancestors are. Apart from that, the program also does background checks in order to retrieve any records or documents that might be associated with your ancestors. With a compatible mobile application for this program, you can view and update your family tree details while on the move. The built in face tagging feature captures the faces from photos for easy tagging of family members.
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